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Informations sur la mission de AMOE - Leading the subproject marketing/communication/sales of an international project in the Service Industry.
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AMOE - Leading the subproject marketing/communication/sales of an international project in the Service Industry.

At least 12 year experience in marketing/communication/sales project. used to the service industry. Capable to produce deliverables and lead contractors (agencies...). Written and spoken English. Capable to interact in a complex international structure of small size autonomous entities. Team player.

We are a Division of a leading French international service company. Our Division is composed of small size (from 20 to 100 heads) autonomous entities located in 60 countries around the world.We are facing regulatory changes that will impact all the entities. We see these changes as both business threats and business opportunities. The local entities do not have locally the resources to cope with the challenges accordingly to the level of expectations of the Head Office. Additionally, consistency is required throughout the entities in the way to address the changes and efficiency should be better achieved by mutualizing some of the efforts. The Head Office based in Paris area has launched a global Project to address the changes, coordinate the efforts and support all the 60 entities. The project covers all dimensions and has been subdivided in 3 subprojects. One of the subproject is dedicated to addressing the marketing/communication/sales dimensions.The Project will not perform the operational activities (contacting clients, sending mails...). This remains the responsibility of the 60 entities. Instead the Project sets the framework, defines the marketing/sales/communication high level strategy and oganization, structures the activity, provides methodology, templates and materials to the entities and makes sure the entities use and operate them appropriately. For this subproject, the first objective is to achieve more sales of core services and new related services in our current market, and open new markets. The second objective is to prevent the attrition of current clients that may either move to competitors or stop the use of external service provider.We are looking for an external experienced individual to reinforce our team during this period. The mission is to lead this marketing/sales/communication subproject to achieve the above objectives.Activities and deliverables expected from the mission are the ones from "assistance à maitrise d'oeuvre": leading a contributors team, defining the approach, defining the overall communication plan, elaborating the methodologies, preparing the templates and marketing materials, engaging and supervising contractors (agencies, website, marketing materials...), supervising the elaboration of white papers, defining the policy toward social network and making sure we are visible... , engaging with the international network, monitoring the proper appropriation and roll-out by the entities... The mission must bring a strong competence in Communication/Sales and marketing to be credible and immediately effective.

Caractéristiques Pas de travail à distance
Pas de déplacement à prévoir
Temps de travail :Temps partiel
Pays sous le droit duquel la mission sera effectué : France

Période :
Cette mission commence : immédiatement

Durée : 4 mois + extension possible 2015

Bénéficiaire de la mission : Moi-même / Ma Société

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Localisation géographique de la mission : 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine fr

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